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Mindfulness First

A Nine-Week Leadership Plan for Supporting Yourself and Your School

By: Jeanie Iberlin

Foreword by: Robert J. Marzano

“One of the most difficult professions I’ve ever had was being a school leader," says author Jeanie M. Iberlin. “I hope to provide others in this role with tools to be more centered, at peace with themselves, able to do their jobs more effectively.”

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Explore the research-based impact of mindfulness on effective school leadership

There’s no shortage of stressful challenges in a school leader’s day, but mindfulness offers a toolkit you can utilize anywhere. Author Jeanie M. Iberlin connects specifically with leaders as she first explores what mindfulness is and practical ways to incorporate it into your daily life. She then guides you in using this tool in daily interactions with others for more effective leadership.

This book will help K–-12 educational leaders:

  • Utilize a nine-week mindfulness implementation plan to promote educator wellness
  • Understand the core concepts of mindfulness and how they apply to leadership practices
  • Practice research-based techniques of meditation, breathing, and self-compassion
  • Access exercises, activities, and strategies to incorporate mindfulness into daily life and build mindfulness in the workplace
  • Learn how to commit to mindfulness in both their personal and professional lives
  • Strengthen their relationships with others in their school

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Product Code: BKL071, EKL062

ISBN: 9781943360765

Page Count: 144

Mindfulness First: A Nine-Week Leadership Plan for Supporting Yourself and Your School stands out as a necessary resource for any school leader sincerely interested in applying these principles to their work. In this book, Jeanie Iberlin blends three critical elements—theory, research, and application—with an engaging narrative style to give school leaders practical and relevant tools and strategies to incorporate mindfulness into their work.”

Richard E. Cleveland Associate Professor, Georgia Southern University

“Jeanie M. Iberlin’s book helps transform school leaders into their best selves both in and out of the school environment. School leaders will find the nine-week leadership plan outlines effective strategies for mitigating stress, becoming more productive, controlling their emotions and reactions—no matter the circumstance—and becoming healthier both physically and mentally. Mindfulness First: A Nine-Week Leadership Plan for Supporting Yourself and Your School is a must for any school leader’s toolbox.”

Amber S. Freeman, Principal, Bankhead Middle School, Alabama