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Ethical Test Preparation in the Classroom

By: Robert J. Marzano, Christopher W. Dodson, Julia A. Simms, Jacob P. Wipf

Based on the latest assessment research, this book provides a practical and ethical approach to deepening students’ knowledge and ethically preparing them to demonstrate that knowledge on large-scale standardized tests.

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Prepare students for large-scale standardized tests with ethical assessment and instruction

Large-scale assessment and standardized testing have the power to either open or close future doors for your students. Based on the latest research, this book by Robert J. Marzano, Christopher W. Dodson, Julia A. Simms, and Jacob P. Wipf clearly articulates the ethical challenges teachers face in preparing students for these tests and what can be done to ensure effective test preparation. You’ll review a first-of-its-kind study of over 8,000 assessment items and receive specific recommendations for ELA, mathematics, and science.

Use this book to effectively prepare students while upholding ethics in assessment in education:

  • Understand the role and profound impact large-scale assessment and high-stakes testing have in students' lives.
  • Study an analysis of 8,804 items from state, national, and international standardized tests.
  • Examine recommendations for item creation in ELA, mathematics, and science based on the analysis findings and ethical testing principles.
  • Provide students with instruction and formative assessment designed to aid them in answering the types of items most likely to appear on large-scale assessments.
  • Receive tools and templates to create formative and summative assessments to measure students' knowledge.
  • Discover a process to create a school- and districtwide approach to help students understand item formats.

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