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Dr. Robert J. Marzano Introduces New Framework for Elementary Vocabulary Instruction

Bloomington, Ind. (March 11, 2020)—In Teaching Basic, Advanced, and Academic Vocabulary—published by Marzano Resources—author Robert J. Marzano details a comprehensive framework for vocabulary instruction in grades K–5.

Based on an analysis of high-frequency words, Dr. Marzano identifies more than 8,000 basic, advanced, and academic vocabulary terms, which are then organized into 444 semantic clusters. Each cluster is curated to provide a rich semantic context for students and aid learning. In addition to semantic clusters, the book recommends other practices not part of traditional approaches to vocabulary instruction, including relying on incidental learning for tier one and some tier two terms and having students self-evaluate their knowledge of terms.

Dr. Marzano explained that this approach, which is supported by decades of evidence-based research, clearly outlines which words to teach and how to teach them to ensure student success. “I firmly believe if K–5 teachers address the tiers one, two and three terms in this book in the manner recommended, students will enter the secondary grades with a strong foundation for literacy development and academic achievement.

To thoroughly support teachers in their work, Dr. Marzano also created Building Basic Vocabulary, a notebook designed to help students learn and practice more than 2,500 basic vocabulary terms and 2,889 challenge vocabulary terms. Students can use the space provided next to each term to take notes, rate their level of understanding or draw pictures to help them retain specific word meanings.

Steven Miller, district curriculum specialist, Huntsville City Schools in Alabama, said Teaching Basic, Advanced, and Academic Vocabulary “knocks it out of the park!” He continued, “It contains research that will completely change the way you approach vocabulary instruction, differentiated strategies and games that support all learners and absolutely incredible, user-friendly digital resources for fun and effective vocabulary lessons!”

Teaching Basic, Academic, and Advanced Vocabulary and Building Basic Vocabulary are available to order at MarzanoResources.com

About the Author
Robert J. Marzano, PhD, is cofounder and chief academic officer of Marzano Resources. A leading researcher in education, he has worked with educators as a speaker and trainer and has authored more than 50 books and 200 articles on topics such as instruction, assessment, writing and implementing standards, cognition, effective leadership and school intervention. His practical translations of the most current research and theory into classroom strategies are internationally known and widely practiced by both teachers and administrators.

About Marzano Resources
Marzano Resources, formerly Marzano Research, is dedicated to helping K–12 educators advance student achievement. Built on the foundation of Dr. Robert J. Marzano’s 50 years of education research, Marzano Resources supports teachers and administrators through customizable on-site professional development, educator events, virtual coaching, books, videos and online courses. Our associates and authors are thought leaders in the field of education and deliver research-backed guidance for all major areas of schooling, including curriculum development, instruction, assessment, student engagement and personalized competency-based education. Marzano Resources is the home of High Reliability Schools and The New Art and Science of Teaching.