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Designing a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

Level 3

At Level 3 of the Marzano High Reliability Schools framework, schools focus on developing a guaranteed and viable curriculum. The work at this level ensures teachers have the time they need to teach the curriculum, and all students, no matter the teacher to whom they are assigned, have access to the same high-quality curriculum.

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  1. Developing and Using Proficiency Scales in the Classroom Workshop

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania |  October 6–7, 2022

    Presenters: Jan K. Hoegh

    Discover a clear path for creating and utilizing high-quality proficiency scales during this in-person training with learning progressions expert, Jan K. Hoegh. During these eminently practical sessions, you will gain access to a comprehensive toolkit of strategies, methods, and proficiency scale examples for a variety of content areas and grade levels. Participants will also explore an array of accommodations and modifications to support students with disabilities, English learners, and gifted and talented students.


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