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Untangling Data-Based Decision Making

A Problem-Solving Model to Enhance MTSS

By: Jason E. Harlacher, Jon Potter, Adam Collins

Learn how to use a problem-solving model to easily make sense of student data, enabling teams to effectively drive instruction and plan appropriate responses within a multitiered system of supports (MTSS).

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A practical tool to help you make sense of student data for effective use in MTSS

This book offers knowledge, strategies, and tools that will help you use data effectively. Applicable to any content area, the four simple steps in this book’s problem-solving model include specific questions that will guide your use of data to identify and solve problems that stand in the way of student achievement. Learn how to change instruction, curriculum, and environment to better support students.

K–12 educators and leaders will:

  • Understand the proper application of data-based decision making
  • Successfully utilize data to improve student learning
  • Use worksheets and tools to organize data team meetings
  • Become data rich and information rich
  • Develop an MTSS within their school or district

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Product Code: BKL072, EKL063

ISBN: 9781943360789

“This is the MTSS book I've been waiting for! Using the problem-solving model as the ‘engine’ of MTSS, the authors provide a comprehensive explanation of the relevant variables that impact learning, as well as the practical tools required for building effective systems of behavioral and academic support for all students. This book will empower educators with accurate and actionable information to counteract the many misunderstandings about MTSS.”

Stephanie Stollar, assistant professor, Mount St. Joseph University; founder of the Reading Science Academy

“The use of data is a fundamental component of MTSS. The authors provide practical strategies for educators to effectively use data to inform their actions. MTSS team members at the schoolwide level to the individual student level will find this book useful in promoting meaningful outcomes for each and all students. A must read for those implementing MTSS within schools.”

Steven Goodman, research specialist, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut

“This book includes the critical components for effective data-based decision making with tons of resources and examples to support practitioners. Just as I would think to myself ‘I hope they include this,’ the information would be there! If you’re just beginning to implement data-based decision making, or fine tuning your processes, this is the book for you. I think this book would be great for pre-service teachers, too, and look forward to using it in one of my undergraduate courses.”

Erica Lembke, professor of special education, University of Missouri