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Where Learning Happens

Leveraging Working Memory and Attention in the Classroom

By: Julia A. Simms

Master the art of attention in this book, designed to equip educators with practical student engagement strategies to leverage attention-related concepts for student success. Author Julia A. Simms delves into how teachers can harness the power of focus to create classrooms that empower students to achieve their personal and academic goals.

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Format: Paperback

Design principles to manage working memory

With many distractions competing for students’ attention, student engagement and knowledge retention are more important than ever. Where Learning Happens explores the types of attention—sustained, selective, divided, and effective—in depth and provides research-suggested strategies to maximize student attention and engagement. By understanding cognitive load theory, information-processing principles, and other key concepts, teachers can leverage attention-related strategies to help students achieve their academic goals.

K–12 educators can use this book to:

  • Understand how to create a classroom atmosphere conducive to attention
  • Discover the role of technology and how students can interact productively without distraction
  • Learn the evolution of attention-related research and its practical applications
  • Bolster students’ working memory with cognitive load theory, information-processing principles, and instructional design
  • Apply cognitive attention training, state training, and other attention strategies
  • Leverage an attention-centered instructional approach to help students achieve goals

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ISBN: 9781943360901