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180 Days of Self-Care for Busy Educators

By: Tina H. Boogren

Access 36 weeks of daily self-care for teachers and administrators to support your health and wellness throughout the school year. These self-care ideas and activities will help you manage stress inside and outside of the classroom.

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A 36-week plan of low-cost self-care for teachers and educators

Rely on 180 Days of Self-Care for Busy Educators to help you lead a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life inside and outside of the classroom. With author Tina H. Boogren’s guidance, you will work your way through 36 weeks of daily self-care strategies and techniques, each corresponding with a week of the school year. Weekly themes range from creativity and inspiration to relationships and time management for teachers and administrators.

Follow this self-care plan designed to support your health and wellness during the school year:

  • Understand how prioritizing your own self-care will better equip you to positively impact student learning and achievement.
  • Discover low-and no-cost self-care ideas for teachers and administrators designed to help make meaningful, positive change.
  • Explore the dangers of stress in the classroom and in an educator’s personal life, and understand how this stress affects students.
  • Learn how to assess what you need, check in with yourself throughout the day, and act on what you learn.
  • Utilize reflection questions to help you think through which strategies worked—and which didn’t.
  • Let go of the expectations of perfection while practicing these self-care techniques and teacher wellness ideas.

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Product Code: BKF920, EKF483-1

ISBN: 9781949539271

Page Count: 168

“This book is the perfect companion for the busy educator. Its easy self-care steps and well-thought-out plan allow educators the ability to reflect on their self-care practice and implement a plan to be the best version of themselves. This guide is easy to follow, practical, and full of tips that teachers can use each day to bring their best selves to the classroom and be their best for students.”

Kayla Dessert, third-grade teacher, curriculum developer

“Multiple teaching award-winner Tina H. Boogren cites the research on the high level of teacher stress as a call to arms against it. She offers intense encouragement to find the eye in the storm of teacher stress and gives readers multiple tips, strategies, ideas, and paradigms. The pages of this book jump with Boogren’s smorgasbord of offerings for wellness. Teacher stress will lose its mighty grip on readers of this book!”

Tom Skovholt, author, The Resilient Practitioner, third edition, licensed psychologist, Morse-Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota

“Tina H. Boogren's latest book is a blessing for busy educators. Rich in practical suggestions, the book allows readers to explore new ways of tackling their difficult profession while choosing what works best for them. The book is comprehensive in that it covers mental, emotional, and physical tactics, but also ways to make the job more sustainable (such as using strategies for saying no and finding order). Whether you are new to self-care or a veteran, Boogren will give you new ways to combat burnout and find joy in your professional life.”

Jenny Grant Rankin, author, First Aid for Teacher Burnout and Psychology Today

“Boogren writes in an accessible and engaging style and offers specific strategies and opportunities for reflection that so the reader can create a self-care plan that stands the test of time.”

Michelle Trotter-Mathison, licensed psychologist

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