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Teaching in a Competency-Based Secondary School

The Marzano Academies Model

By: Robert J. Marzano, Alexander S. Aschoff, Ashley Avila

Marzano Resources presents a model of instruction for high school teachers that will aid in student learning, support individual growth, and foster community in competency-based education. Facilitators will use this definitive guide to implement research-based instructional strategy examples in the classroom.

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Your Definitive Guide to Maximize the Potential of a Solid Competency-Based Education Framework.

Improve your practice with a model of instruction for secondary teachers that facilitates student learning, supports individual growth, and fosters community in competency-based education (CBE) systems. Based on decades of research and practical experience, this definitive guide offers a detailed breakdown of the four domains, ten design areas, and forty-nine elements of effective teaching within the Marzano Academies instructional model.

Readers will ensure growth and learning for all students by:

  • Understanding the tenets of competency-based education and its benefits
  • Becoming familiar with the four domains, 10 design areas, and 49 elements of the Marzano Academies instructional model
  • Implementing the model in your competency-based secondary classroom with practical strategies, real-world examples, and artifacts of CBE in action
  • Facilitating your students’ journey to proficiency with academic content and the development of important mindsets and life skills
  • Developing the correct mental approach to realize the full potential of CBE

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Product Code: BKL055, EKL045

ISBN: 9781943360437

Page Count: 232

“Robert J. Marzano, Alexander S. Aschoff, and Ashley Avila have done a great job developing a framework for how to move toward competency-based secondary learning systems in their book, Teaching in a Competency-Based Secondary School. They offer constructs for developing clear learning goals, proficiency scales, and assessments that will save you decades of work, helping you move your teachers and students toward a better learning future.”

Bob Sornson, founder, Early Learning Foundation; author, Brainless Sameness: The Demise of One-Size-Fits-All Instruction and the Rise of Competency Based Learning

“The authors of this book make a compelling case for the use of competency-based systems in secondary schools. I challenge any educator to read this book and not feel morally compelled to shift their practices in order to better meet the needs of all learners. It is a step-by-step how-to guide that recognizes the dual need for classroom teachers to provide students with both instruction of new knowledge and skills and support so they can self-manage their own learning in a move-when-ready, competency-based classroom setting.”

Brian M. Stack, coauthor, Unpacking the Competency-Based Classroom: Equitable, Individualized Learning in a PLC at Work®

“Competency-based learning is gaining significant momentum in schools across the United States and beyond. Marzano, Aschoff, and Avila provide much-needed guidance and practical resources for those in secondary schools looking to understand the research base behind competency-based learning and ultimately put this theory into practice. Teaching in a Competency-Based Secondary School is a must for those seeking to engage, support, and ultimately empower students as agents of their own learning.”

Jonathan G. Vander Els, author and associate, Solution Tree