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Formative Assessment & Standards-Based Grading

By: Robert J. Marzano

Learn how to design, interpret, and systematically use three different types of formative assessments and how to track student progress and assign meaningful grades.

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Formative Assessment & Standards-Based Grading

Learn everything you need to know to implement an integrated system of assessment and grading. The author details the specific benefits of formative assessment and explains how to design and interpret three different types of formative assessments, how to track student progress, and how to assign meaningful grades. Detailed examples bring each concept to life, and chapter exercises reinforce the content.

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  • Learn how to design three types of formative classroom assessments that should be used in a comprehensive system.
  • Understand the difference between standards-based and standards-referenced systems.
  • Find out why it is usually inappropriate to use the 100-point scale in conjunction with formative assessment.
  • Gain a systematic approach to the design and use of rubrics.
  • Learn four basic approaches to tracking student progress using reproducible grade sheets.
  • Use technology to track progress and generate reports.
  • Create grades for teachers using formative approaches.
  • Utilize an appendix that clearly explains the concept of effect size.
  • Discover exercises to help readers assess and reinforce their understanding of the new strategies.

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Product Code: BKL003

ISBN: 9780982259221

Page Count: 184

“Once again, Bob Marzano has brought world-class clarity and analysis to two profoundly important factors that affect student learning: formative assessment and grading. His findings and the practical actions he recommends are vital if we truly intend to educate ever-larger proportions of students.”

Mike Schmoker, author and consultant, Arizona

“Robert Marzano cuts to the heart of assessment and grading in this essential book. Although there is a mountain of research on the impact of feedback on student learning, teacher feedback is impotent unless it is accurate, timely, and designed to improve performance. With compelling evidence and practical exercises, this book builds a necessary bridge from theory to practice. Readers will learn that schools are confronted with a stark choice between two alternatives. The common choice is the continued pursuit of manufactured ‘formative assessments’ that fail to inform instruction and grading policies that deliver distorted evaluations of student performance. The more challenging choice—a choice that must be learned rather than purchased—is proposed in these pages. The second choice requires reflection, practice, and deep understanding. If teachers and school leaders respond to Marzano's challenge, then the benefits for student learning, teaching excellence, and professional satisfaction will be deep and lasting.”

Douglas Reeves, chairman, The Leadership and Learning Center

“In this very practical and readable book, Marzano presents four different approaches to integrating formative assessment and grading, one of which may be just right for your school context. All four approaches distinguish between formative scores and instructional feedback, emphasize tracking student progress over time, and have a place for student-generated assessments—essential features to keep the focus on student learning.”

Susan M. Brookhart, consultant, Brookhart Enterprises, LLC, Montana

“In my work with educators and leaders across North America, the books of Robert Marzano are continually cited as being guiding models that schools are following to improve instructional practices and student learning. Formative Assessment & Standards-Based Grading is likely to join the ranks as one of those comprehensive masterworks that educators return to again and again for meticulously researched, high-impact assessment and grading practices that are fully explained and richly illustrated with relevant examples across multiple grades and content areas. There are so many important sentences, explanations, examples, quotes, supporting research, and practical exercises in this book that readers are likely to use up an entire box of highlighters trying to capture them all! Every educator and leader, new and experienced, who wants to expand his or her own assessment and grading literacy needs to move this book to the top of the must read stack.”

Larry Ainsworth, executive director of professional development, The Leadership and Learning Center

“Finally, all the pieces are coming together. Marzano integrates formative assessment and a standards-based grading system into an innovative process that changes how teachers assess student work in order to improve academic achievement.”

Kay Burke, educational consultant, author, and president, Kay Burke & Associates, Inc., Georgia

“Teachers, principals and curriculum developers will find this book accessible and helpful. By starting with the components of quality assessments, moving on to effective rubric design, and then describing in detail how those tools can be used to provide effective feedback and valid grades, this book bridges the gap from schooling to learning.”

Anthony Frontier, associate professor, Cardinal Stritch University, Wisconsin


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