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Improving Teacher Development and Evaluation

A Guide for Leaders, Coaches, and Teachers

By: Robert J. Marzano, Cameron L. Rains, Philip B. Warrick

Written for teachers, coaches, and educational leaders, this resource offers a paradigm-shifting approach to teacher development and evaluation. Readers can further their professional growth through self-reflection strategies.

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Improving Teacher Development and Evaluation

Teachers cannot become great unless they are given the time, support, and tools to grow in their professional practice. Written for teachers, coaches, and educational leaders, this resource offers a paradigm-shifting approach to teacher development and evaluation. The authors share research-backed steps for improvement, outline the principles for successful observation, and offer extensive protocols designed to help readers fully implement the book’s recommendations.

  • Recognize the failure of past teacher evaluation efforts and its relationship with stagnant teacher development.
  • Understand why the professional growth of teachers is vital to the well-being of the educational system.
  • Discover the beneficial influence of teacher self-reflection and self-rating on elements of effective instruction.
  • Restructure systems of classroom observation and evaluation to improve their effectiveness and encourage teacher development.
  • Learn new, more reliable methods of scoring teachers’ classroom practices and students’ academic growth.

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Product Code: BKL046, EKL038

ISBN: 9781943360291

Page Count: 216

“Once again, Marzano and colleagues offer teachers and educational leaders a clear, concise, research-informed, translatable, and subsequently usable guide to not only help develop good teachers but also evaluate teachers in support of their continuous development and genuine growth. Given the new paradigm for teacher evaluation Marzano and colleagues offer, this is a must-read, particularly in light of the liberties granted back to schools by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). It is this set of freedoms educators should now exercise, and exercise wisely in terms of actually improving teacher development and evaluation, in order to help improve America’s schools.”

Audrey Amrein-Beardsley, professor and lead editor of Education Policy Analysis Archives, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University

“At last, a comprehensive and practical guide to leverage the teacher appraisal process and impact professional growth. Marzano, Rains, Warrick, and Simms build on research to provide practical and straightforward strategies for teacher growth. This is a must-read for anyone charged with supporting teachers on their professional growth journeys. Improving Teacher Development and Evaluation thoroughly discusses almost every aspect of the teacher growth and appraisal process clearly and completely. It will become your go-to book as you’re working to help teachers grow!”

John and Sheila Eller, authors of Score to Soar: Moving Teachers from Evaluation to Professional Growth

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