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Motivating and Inspiring Students

Strategies to Awaken the Learner

By: Robert J. Marzano, Darrell Scott, Tina H. Boogren, Ming Lee Newcomb

Discover a results-driven framework—based on a six-level hierarchy of student needs and goals—that you can use to provide engaging instruction to students.

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Motivating and Inspiring Students

Bringing motivation and inspiration to the classroom is not easy. With this practical resource, you’ll discover a results-driven framework—based on a six-level hierarchy of student needs and goals—that you can use to provide engaging instruction to students. The authors share comprehensive understandings of the nature of motivation and inspiration and detail-specific strategies to connect with your students.

  • Gain specific chapter-ending guidance on how to use the book’s strategies.
  • Consider scenarios that portray how the book’s suggestions might play out in the classroom.
  • Review mindsets, dispositions, and behaviors that result in negative, unhelpful thinking and in positive, productive thinking.
  • Study step-by-step processes that ensure students’ needs get met in individual classrooms.
  • Use the Awaken the Learner Snapshot Student Survey to assess students’ levels of engagement, attention, motivation, and inspiration in school.

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“This book takes the reader from research to application, providing information to help create an environment where students can connect to something beyond just self and be inspired. Using this book, you can change the learning environment in schools to be more fruitful and sustaining.”

Gail Pletnick, superintendent of Dysart Unified School District, and AASA president-elect, Arizona

“You may have heard it said that the fastest way to find out who the best teachers are in a school is to ask the students. The problem with this method of discovery is that the reasons why some teachers are able to reach the minds and hearts of students while others miss the mark is not as easily articulated. Marzano, Scott, Boogren, and Newcomb go beyond Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in Motivating and Inspiring Students. This new work addresses the role of long-neglected concepts such as altruism, empathy, forgiveness, gratitude, and mindfulness (to name a few). Beginning with understanding every person’s need to make connections with something greater than self, this book provides theory supported with activities and worksheets that make Motivating and Inspiring Students a must for every teacher and administrator who wishes to reach the heart of our students. Together with the inspiring work done by Darrell Scott through Rachel’s Challenge, this book provides every educator with the ‘why’ and ‘how’ to implement the most critical elements of motivation and inspiration for learners in our care. Our students become lifelong learners when skilled educators make the right connections with them. Motivating and Inspiring Students helps you get there.”

Arturo Delgado, former county superintendent of Los Angeles Schools, California

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