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Marzano High Reliability Teacher™ Levels

The Marzano High Reliability Teacher™ (HRT) program encourages and celebrates teacher effectiveness. Our multileveled HRT certification process recognizes the advancement of a teacher’s pedagogical skills and knowledge in three specific areas:

  • Effective Use of Instructional Strategies
  • Student Learning
  • Valid and Rigorous Feedback
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  1. Level 1, Course 1: Foundation of Instructional Strategies

    Participants will assess their current instructional performance, set goals for improvement, and engage in purposeful practice to increase instructional effectiveness.


    Online Course, eBook, Marzano Compendium (one-year online subscription)

  2. Level 1, Course 2: Reflection of Instructional Strategies

    Participants will reflect on their instructional practices in relation to 10 major areas of student outcomes and 43 elements of effective instruction.

  3. Level 2, Course 3: Student Learning

    Participants will ensure that students are learning at an adequate rate. They will demonstrate implementation of a viable curriculum and assessments that are aligned to the curriculum.

  4. Level 3, Course 4: Valid and Rigorous Feedback

    Participants will ensure grading and reporting methods are valid and reliable and provide statistical evidence showing this is the case.

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