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Achieving Standards-Referenced Reporting

Level 4

At Level 4 of the Marzano High Reliability Schools framework, schools shift from a whole-school perspective to an individual student perspective. Staff work to develop an effective system of grading and reporting and closely monitor each learner’s progress using assessment data.

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  1. Creating Quality Assessments Workshop

    Little Rock, Arkansas  |  March 17–18, 2021

    Learn how to write proficiency scale–based assessments that measure student learning in the most accurate and meaningful ways.

  2. Implementing Evidence-Based Assessment and Reporting Workshop

    Austin, Texas  |  March 8–9, 2021

    Join us for this workshop to learn everything you need to know to implement a comprehensive system of evidence-based assessment and reporting that provides valid and reliable measures of student learning.

  3. Leading Standards-Based Learning Workshop

    Columbus, Ohio  |  March 1–2, 2021

    Gain a deep understanding of the power of developing and using proficiency scales in the classroom with all students! A proficiency scale is a tool that illustrates related learning goals and scores for determining the current level of performance of individual students on measurement topics.

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