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Remote Teaching Portable Event Package

Virtual Event | Now through Dec 31, 2023
  • Participants have full access to sessions for 60 days after activation.

Remote Teaching Portable Event Package

Keynotes and breakout sessions are designed to assist primary, middle, and high school educators.

For many students across the country, remote or blended learning continues to play a significant role in their educational experience. That means now more than ever, educators need access to the tools and resources that will give them the confidence and skills to take on a new, important challenge throughout this critical school year.

In our Remote Teaching Portable Event Package, master practitioners and experts you know and trust will share how to ensure learning for all in this new educational landscape. Drawing from their own professional experiences, our team of presenters offers practical strategies, real-world advice, and answers to questions many educators are asking during this time.

How do I:

  • Engage students who are learning from home?
  • Identify learning that is essential?
  • Differentiate learning and meet the needs of our students?
  • Provide meaningful feedback using technology?
  • Assess mastery in a remote learning environment?

Now is the time to continue to adapt, grow, and build on the great remote work you already know and do.

With this virtual event experience, you’ll receive 60-day access to:

  • Two keynotes from leading experts
  • Eight expert-led breakout sessions

Learning outcomes:

  • Discover specific steps every educator must take to ensure student equity in a remote learning environment.
  • Understand how to successfully implement a blended learning approach that includes both face-to-face and remote teaching time.
  • Learn how to use evidence—pretests, testing results, surveys of teachers at previous grade levels, etc.—to identify where to spend your instructional time.
  • Explore digital tools that can be used to successfully engage learners, whether they are working from home or in your classroom.
  • Acquire best practices for creating meaningful learning experiences for students with disabilities.
  • Explore unique strategies for differentiating instruction in a remote learning environment.

Hear from our attendees

Participation Information

Attendees will print their own certificates after each session they complete on the virtual platform.

Portable Event Package FAQ

How does a Portable Event Package work?
A Marzano Resources Portable Event Package is an on-demand virtual event focused on a specific topic. These events feature leading experts delivering keynotes and breakout sessions designed for maximum impact and crafted for a virtual format. Once you register and access your Portable Event Package, you will have 60 days to view the content. Our video platform allows you to start, stop, pause, and then pick up where you left off. Session handouts and reproducibles will be provided digitally.

Where does the Portable Event Package content come from?
The content is either sourced from previous on-site or virtual events or created specifically for the Portable Event Package by experts.

How do you use the Portable Event Package?
The format varies based on the Portable Event Package purchased. The Marzano HRS Summit Portable Event Package offers different viewing options based on your role and needs, and their expansive breakout options allow for a more self-guided experience. Other Portable Event Packages are designed for more structured viewing, with participants completing sessions based on an agenda.

How long do you have access to your Portable Event Package?
You have 60 days of unlimited viewing access, beginning when you view your first session. During those 60 days you will have access to all content.

How much time does each session take to complete?
The length of each session varies. Typically sessions take 75–90 minutes to complete, but some sessions are shorter by design.

How many educators can I register from my school or district?
You can register an unlimited number of educators. A Portable Event Package is an excellent tool for teams to work on together, and beginning dates are flexible, allowing participants to start and stop as they choose.

Can I register as an individual?
Yes. Portable Event Packages can be purchased and used by individuals.

Can course participants earn CEUs?
Yes. Depending on which Portable Event Package you purchase, you can earn varying CEUs. After completing sessions, attendees will find a certificate of participation in the digital platform under each session. Certificates are available a limited time, until event access has expired. Please check with your department of education for CEU availability.

Additional Information