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Our Associates

Learn from the best of the best. Each of our associates is selected through a rigorous process that carefully weighs qualifications and experience. Personally trained by Dr. Marzano, our associates specialize in long-term school improvement efforts in K–12 public and private school districts and individual schools. The depth and breadth of their collective educational experience is staggering—and now you can leverage it to add reach to yours.

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  1. David Franklin

    David Franklin

    David Franklin, EdD, is an author, professor of education, and consultant and has worked with school leaders and teachers around the country in the areas of school vision, instruction, technology, and collaboration.

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  2. Mike Ruyle

    Mike Ruyle

    Mike Ruyle, EdD, has served as a classroom teacher, athletic coach, school principal, program director, university professor, and professional development presenter over a 30-year career.

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  3. Tom Roy

    Tom Roy

    Tom Roy, PhD, works with schools and districts on methods to improve student learning, assessment, and school leadership. He has also worked with schools and nonprofit organizations nationally and internationally.

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  4. Shelley Gies

    Shelley Gies

    Shelley Gies, EdD, is a full-time associate with experience with curriculum, instruction, and assessment at the district level. During her extensive educational career, Dr. Gies also served as principal and classroom teacher.

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  5. Sam Fritz

    Sam Fritz

    Sam Fritz is global campus coordinator at Center Grove High School in Greenwood, Indiana. His 22-year educational career includes work at middle and high schools as a teacher, department chair, and trainer.

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  6. Douglas Finn III

    Douglas Finn III

    Douglas Finn III has been working in the area of personalized competency-based education (PCBE) since 2004. Within PCBE, he has taught every grade, kindergarten through graduation, and has been an instructional and administrative coach for schools and districts throughout the country.

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  7. Jane Doty Fischer

    Jane Doty Fischer

    Jane Doty Fischer, PhD, is an international and national trainer, a consultant, author, and coauthor of numerous resources. She has background and expertise in school improvement at the district, school, and classroom levels and works with teachers, teacher leaders, and leadership related to curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

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  8. Bill Zima

    Bill Zima

    Bill Zima is the director of implementation for Marzano Academies, working with schools to help realize their unique vision of high reliability organizations that build agency in all learners.

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  9. Jeff Flygare

    Jeff Flygare

    Jeff Flygare has served as a classroom teacher, professional development presenter, and English language arts specialist. He led the movement to a standards-based education for Academy School District 20 in Colorado.

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  10. Melanie Lewis Magee

    Melanie Lewis Magee

    Melanie Lewis Magee, EdD, has more than 20 years of experience as an educator at all levels. She has served as a teacher, central office administrator, adult education coordinator, and various administrative positions at the secondary level, including principal of a middle school.

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